Anne Sophie Duprels as Cio-Cio-San in 2007 production

Opening night is in a few days and the week running up to this big night is always a busy one! Stage and orchestra rehearsals and dress rehearsal, it’s all coming together and it’s the last chance to polish up on all the details and get comfortable with the space and costumes.

I always get nervous…for every show, no matter how many times I’ve been on stage it’s always a challenge. Performing in the geisha costume especially, is not easy at first because of the wooden platform shoes. They are not easy to manage on the ramp and you need to practice to stay balanced all the time. The kimono is actually very comfortable and the fabrics are amazingly beautiful. The heavy white geisha make up does take a long time and Nicola Heath the wonderful make up artist here at Opera North has a lot to do! We have to start getting ready 2 hours before the show starts. All this preparation and transformation help me get into the character and the physicality of a 15 year old Japanese girl.

I’m very much looking forward to the opening night and to share this beautiful music and heart breaking story with the audience.

Madama Butterfly opens at Leeds Grand Theatre on Saturday 17 September. For more information go here.