Thank you to everyone who submitted answers for ‘Guess the Opera’. The answers are revealed below.

1) ‘I’ve never felt such pure devotion

In all my life before.

I tell myself that this emotion

Will last for ever more!

But then my jealous heart imagines another holds her fast,

While I, poor fool, have no courage to kiss the ground where she has passed.’

Herman tells Tomsky of his love for Lisa in The Queen of Spades

2) ‘Your strength can protect me.

Your smile so honest and so open you tell me things I was quite unaware of. I’m so contented, I’m so contented…

Just love me a little, a very very little.

The little love I ask for is no more than a child needs.’

Cio-Cio-San pleads with Pinkerton in Madama Butterlfy

3) ‘In bygone days I had thy love,

Thou hadst my heart.

But fate, all human vows above

Our lives did part.

By the old love thou hadst for me,

By the fond heart that beat for thee,

By joys that never now can be,

Grant thou prayer!’

Rose Maybud to Robin Oakapple in Ruddigore

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