The Girl I Left Behind Me will be performed at festivals this summer starting with Frome Festival on Saturday 9th July. There will then be performances at Buxton Festival on 12th and 24th July.

Following these summer dates will be a number of performances to accompany our residency at The Barbican Centre this November. These performances will take place on 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th November in The Pit Theatre at The Barbican.

Devised by Neil Bartlett and Jessica Walker The Girl I Left Behind Me is a supremely well-sung and coolly contemporary look at one of the most intriguing questions of musical theatre – just what is it that makes a woman in trousers so appealing? From the swaggering cross-dressers of the Victorian Music Hall, to the ambiguous boy-heroes of Mozart and Strauss, to the back-room bull-dykes of the Haarlem Renaissance, this is a provocative, flirtatious and deliciously personal one-woman guide to a whole forgotten chapter of female performance.

You can watch a trailer for The Girl I Left Behind Me below