Stage rehearsals begin today. Arriving at the theatre for the half hour call I do my usual check around the stage to make sure that all my tools are in the right places and all the doors are working smoothly. Make a mental note: the cupboard door up stage op is a bit stiff and it will need a good hard pull to open it. Work bench all in order but the carpenters apron hasn’t arrived yet. A quick walk around the blocking for the “Making Aria” and back to the dressing room to climb into Geppetto’s costume.

(I like the role of Geppetto very much. It’s the whole idea of making something. Making and repairing things has been a big part of my life).

In my dressing room the costume is all here and fits well. I need to stick on my moustache and side whiskers.

(As far back as I can remember I always had a host of things “in the works” including a bottom draw full of old windup clocks that I was exploring. Or should I say, in bits!)

Stage management are at my door wanting me on stage already. What already! The “tannoy” doesn’t work so I have missed my call to stage!

(The projects are bigger now and far more challenging, like the refurbishing and redecorating of the music room at home this last weekend.)

Just need Geppetto’s coat and hat and I can go to the stage.

(The music room project had me wearing a wide variety of tradesman’s hats. Plasterer, plumber, painter, electrician, and of course carpenter.)

Mustn’t forget Geppetto’s glasses. New one’s this time. Remind me of the one’s John Lennon used to wear.

(All finished now – in the music room – and very satisfied with the final result. Worth all the dirt, dust, noise, smells and sweat.)

Well here goes. Back into my carpenters shop on stage. Wish my work bench at home was as tidy as Geppetto’s.