Following the dress rehearsal there is still work to do on the lighting cues on the afternoon of the premiere of Swanhunter.  I met with Simon, the lighting designer, Michael, the stage manager, and Graham, the board operator, (who will be in charge of all the lighting on tour) to go through the piece cue to cue, looking at all the lighting changes that accompany the opera.  We still had to work out a new light for the Mother in the tower, and more light for the moment when the fatal arrow is shot!

Then it was time to sort out the cards and presents that go to all the singers, musicians and people who have helped the performance happen.  I also have presents for Jonathan and Alasdair, I feel so honoured that I have been the director of Swanhunter, and I want to thank them.

Now the singers, musicians and Stuart, the conductor start to arrive.  Cups of tea and nervous excitement for all.

One of the singers is really unwell. We all feel quite anxious.  The cover/understudy is called and is ready to take over if the singer loses his voice while on stage.  I am really upset, everyone wants to do their very best and now we all know there is an extra anxiety to handle.

Still I felt excited going up to the lobby to meet my family who have arrived from Sussex.   I am standing on the side as the seats are sold out.

Finally the lights go down and the music begins.  I sit hardly breathing.

The opera goes by in a flash and finally there are the bows, getting backstage and the start of celebrations and congratulations.  There is a reception in the lobby and Richard Mantle, the General Director of Opera North, thanks everyone.   Then more celebrations but off early as the singers need to rest before tomorrows show, however I think some of the production team stayed up late into the night!